Wordless Wednesday – sand on the beach, Monterey, CA


Wordless Wednesday – close up of sand and rocks on a beach in Monterey, California! For more Wordless Wednesday posts, head over to 5 Minutes for Mom! more


General Mills Cheech & Chong’s Magic Brownie Campaign – brilliant?

General Mills new Cheech & Chong Magic Brownie Campaign has rolled onto the interwebs. It has been 28 years since the duo has hit the road but they are back with a new, “innocent” brownie. Is it clever or a bad idea? Personally, I think is a brilliant marketing campaign! Maybe I am showing my […] more


How to break baby from the bottle

Method for switching baby to cup I remember when my son (my oldest child) was just at the right age to try to break him of the bottle and move on to a sippy cup. We used sippy cups during the day, so why did he need a bottle at night? He looked forward to […] more


Resentment…over cooking dinner

Resentment is a word that I don’t much care for. It doesn’t do the body good to hold in resentment, and it certainly isn’t good to let it get the better of you. But this dinner thing…I just can help it. I am a wife and a mother. My kids are in their teens (one […] more

egret, what does an egret look like, big white bird

Critters Galore in my Backyard!

The backyard of a Crazy Suburban Housewife isn’t always tame.  The wildlife is just as crazy as the owner of the property.  Take a look at some of the things found venturing through my yard. This fella wasn’t exactly in my backyard, but a few streets away near the canal: Okay this guy isn’t in […] more

In My Neighborhood Tuesday Photo Meme – In Bloom

photo memes, photography blogs

  In My Neighborhood Tuesday is a fun photo meme hosted by Eighty MPH Mom! Here is my “in bloom” shot:   Head over to Eighty MPH Mom to see the other participants! more

Wordless Wednesday – Jack Sparrow lookalike


When my family and I went to Disneyland, we traveled to Tom Sawyer’s Island to meet Jack Sparrow. I was stunned how much he looks like Johnny Depp! Head over to 5 Minutes for Mom and sign the linky. Make sure you visit other participants too! more

Who I am


You may wonder who I am. You may not care who I am. I am going to tell you anyway. I am the author of Eighty MPH Mom, which you may or may not be familiar with. I started Crazy Suburban Housewife several months ago, when I was thinking of switching Eighty MPH Mom to […] more

Saturday Nine-Jumping Someone Else’s Train


1. When was your last train ride? My last train ride was last summer when I went to visit my friend. It was on Amtrak and I had a blast, as always! 2. How many foreign countries have you visited? Tell us about one. I have visited 8 foreign countries! My favorite was Italy. My […] more

2010 Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

I am sure you are familiar with the words, “I am bored” sprinkled through the conversations with kids during summer. It can be frustrating trying to find new ways to keep them entertained. There is a wonderful program that Barnes & Noble is hosting this summer to cure the boredom and to get kids to […] more

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