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Saturday Nine-Jumping Someone Else’s Train

1. When was your last train ride?

My last train ride was last summer when I went to visit my friend. It was on Amtrak and I had a blast, as always!

2. How many foreign countries have you visited? Tell us about one.

I have visited 8 foreign countries! My favorite was Italy. My mom and I took a tour of Europe when I was eighteen (a graduation gift from my dad!). Italy was such a blast, the people were incredibly friendly and the scenery beautiful. Oh did I mention the food? Heavenly! Venice was our favorite – it was so charming.

3. What do you always take with you on vacation?

Makeup. I would be lost without it. Well, and clean underwear of course!

4. Tell us about something you’ve lost recently.

My mind. Does that count? No, seriously – it is my mind. Final answer. I know I left it somewhere…

5. Do you prefer action packed vacations or relaxing ones?

I am all about relaxing. Isn’t that what a vacation is all about? My idea of a perfect vacation is sitting on the beach, or shopping. Then to finish off the day I love fine dining!

6. How long will you wait in a check out line before abandoning your purchases?

Hmmm This is a good question. I do not have much patience. I would say maybe 7 minutes? I usually try an evil glare, pacing, etc. first, but if that gets no reaction then will leave.

7. How old do you wish you were?

I would love to be 34 again. It was a beautiful age. Not too young and not too old.

8. Do you consider yourself kind?

I am one of the kindest people I know. That can be a good thing and a bad thing all at once. The good part of being so kind is people feel comfortable around me and trust me. I will do just about anything for anyone. The bad part is that sometimes people take advantage of that kindness, knowing that I have a hard time saying “no”.

9. Tell us about your tattoos. Or if you had to get a tattoo, where and what would it be?

I have two tattoos. I have a rose on my shoulder that I have had for about 18 years. I also have a sunset on my abdomen/hip area. It has palm trees and is adorable. I always thought the palm trees would “grow” when I was pregnant, but that didn’t happen.

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2 Responses to Saturday Nine-Jumping Someone Else’s Train

  1. Good answers. Being kind’s a great thing. Shame your palm trees never grew. Have a great Saturday.

  2. Happy weekend. reading your list here. mine is posted.

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